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Israel Trip


Below are some brief accounts of the trip (the most recent are posted first)




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DOME OF THE ROCK (Site of Solomon and Herod's temples) posteds 3/9

     This site in old testament was wHere Solomon build the temple to the Lord.

     Later after the Babylon exile of Israel they destroyed the temple. After they came home Cyrus of Persia let them rebuild the Temple on the same site. Then the Romans destroyed the Temple and after the Muslin's conquered the area and built Mosques on this Holy site, The Crusaders came in and built churches on the site, but did not destroy the mosque. After they left the Muslims moved back in and built this Dome of The Rock on top of the previous Holy sites. It had a copper roof, later they added the gold leaf to the roof.

domeofrock 1   domeofrock 2

domeofrock 3  domeofrock 4

THE GARDEN TOMB (posted 3/8)

Pastor's sermon and communion this morning at the Tomb of Jesus was amazing.

The first pic is Pastor exiting the tomb.  The second pic is inside the tomb

gardentomb 1gardentomb 2

gardentomb 3


Finished yesterday going to the place of the Ascension. Today we are going to the Garden Tomb where Pastor Janssen will hold our Church Service with Communion

placeoftheascension 1placeoftheascension 2

placeoftheascension 3

JORDAN RIVER (posted 3/8)

     Went to the Jordan River to where Jesus was baptized. Had to travel thru a military zone from West Bank to Jordan to view the site.

     You can see they have land mines buried with barbed wire everywhere.
     Dr. Rast, President of Ft. Wayne Seminary and Pastor Janssen led us in prayer and singing at the river. This spot is where Jesus was baptized by John.
jordanriver 1jordanriver 2

jordanriver 3  jordanriver 4

Herod's Palace (posted 3/7)

herodspalace  1

herodspalace  2



herodspalace  3

TOMORROW: Worship with Holy Communion in the Garden of Gethsemane...

DAY 1, March 3 - Chicago

From front, left: Andrew and Kapiolani Janssen, Pastor Janssen, Larry & Patty Polster, Donna Janssen, and Kapiolani's parents enjoying an airport meal iin Chicago prior to takeoff for their trip to Israel...


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