Divine Worship:

             Sunday: 9:00 a.m. (Holy Communion on first, third, and fifth Sundays)

                                                            The Sacrament of Holy Communion is administered at 8:30 a.m. on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.

             Wednesday: 12:00 noon  (Holy Communion occurs at all noon services.)       

                      Our nursery, staffed on Sunday mornings, is available for families with young children. We encourage children to take part in 

                       service, but if they become upset, the nursery is available. The nursery has a window and speaker, allowing parents to both

                       see and hear the service.




For Those With Hearing or Visual Difficulties

We provide large print bulletins and amplification devices for those with hearing difficulties to use during our service. Contact the church office for more information and to obtain a device.


Liturgical Worship

openBible 1Prince of Peace is a "liturgical" church which means that our worship is patterned after the historic liturgy of the Church.  We worship this way because it's biblical, it is Christ-centered, it helps us to show awe and reverence for God, and our liturgy connects us to Christians all over the world and throughout history.


When you examine the Divine Service as laid out in our hymnal or worship bulletin, you will notice that much of what is sung or said contain direct quotations of Scripture.  Our church fathers understood that Bible passages would be memorized if they were said over and over again, so every week we repeat many of these important Bible passages during the Divine Service. 





The Colors and Seasons of the Church Year

Luth Church Year

Our worship during the church year is shaped by the church calendar, a rich tradition which is based on the life of Jesus Christ.  In addition, everything in the Sanctuary at Prince of Peace is designed to help us worship, and remember the teachings of the Bible.  You will notice colors displayed on banners and around the altar area, and worn by the Pastor and acolytes. The calendar and colors emphasize different aspects of Christian life.


The Church Year begins in December, with the Season of Advent. During this seaslit colorson, we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ to earth in human form. Blue is the Advent color.  It is the color of the sky and helps convey the powerful message that our Christian faith rests on the hope that Christ, who came in history assuming our flesh, will also return on the last day of time from that same blue sky he ascended long ago. 


white paramentDuring the Christmas season (December 25th and following for twelve days), we celebrate the birth of Jesus with the surprising news that God took on flesh to save His people from their sins.  The color white is used and signifies purity and completeness.

Epiphany follows the Christmas season, with its message of Christ's revelation to the Gentiles (non-Jews), along with the emphasis on extending Christ's kingdom through missions.  The use of the color green symbolizes growth.

The next season is Lent , and we are led with Jesus to the cross where He will die for the sins of the world. Purple is used to represent somberness, solemnity, penitence and prayer.  Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are the "bookends" of the Lenten season and the color black is used only on these two days.  As the color black signifies the absence of light, so black also reminds us of the sacrificial death of Christ, the "light of the world."

whiteparamtOn Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus' resurrection glory.  Forty days later, we celebrate His Ascension into heavenWhite is the color for this season as we celebrate Christ's triumph over death

Pentecost, fifty days after Easter, begins the season  of Pentecost.in which we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit that our risen Lord sends to His disciples. 

Red is the color on the Day of Pentecost.  Then Green becomes the the color for the rest of the season of Pentecost and reminds us of growth, and our need to grow and mature in our knowledge of Jesus.

martinlutherLutherans have two special days in the church year where we wear red clothing to church in recognition of the red paraments which will be displayed in the sanctuary!  The day of Pentecost acknowledges the gift of the Holy Spirit sent to the apostles following Jesus' ascension.Then in October, Reformation Day celebrates the historic action of Martin Luther, and his questioning of the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church by nailing 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg Church in Germany.


Remember these colors and the seasons of the church year to enrich your understanding of Jesus Christ and His love for us.

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